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T1 AéroWing Gate

The simplicity of the T1 AéroWing Gate* naturally blends the turnstile into sophisticated surroundings. Advanced verification technologies such as Facial Recognition, Palm Vein, QR Code are intelligently integrated with the speed gate, offering not only a peace of mind but also an aesthetic yet secure solution to any buildings and businesses.


This effortless simplicity harmonizes the speed gate with any entrances, constructing a pleasant and an unparalleled authentication experience.

*Design patented in Hong Kong

2098 Thermal and Facial Recognition Device

  • Embedded rear facial camera to solve lighting problem

  • Temperature sensor and face mask detection

  • ​Support Facial Recognition Technology

  • The ability to recognize 10,000 users in just 1 second in order to verify users' identities

  • 65 degrees to ground, suitable for 1.2m to 1.8m length turnstile

  • Scanning range from 1.2m to 1.9m height

  • Scanning distance from 50cm to 3m

  • High accuracy of ±0.3°C

ACXHK_2089 Thermal and Facial Recognition Device
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