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Smart Locker System

  • User can easily book locker and check locker status via Web Portal / Mobile APP 

  • Locker works with ACX Multi-Tech Access Reader

  • Once the reader recognizes the access credential, the related locker door will open automatically

  • The 2320 Cabinet Lock is a perfect design for Smart Locker System

  • Support overtime notification for self-pick up service

  • Support emergency opening design, if the e-lock of locker is not functioning properly, user can remove the tamper label on the locker door and open the e-lock with a small screwdriver manually

personal locker with X1.jpg

2330 Cabinet Lock

  • Operating Voltage: 12VDC

  • Operating Current: 100mA for Normal mode, 1.5A for open E-Lock

  • Dimension: 104mm x 80mm x 17mm

  • Weight: 200g

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