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Visitor Management System

  • Visitor pre-registration via online web portal

  • Visitors receive QR code weblink via email / SMS

  • Untransferable weblink

  • Scramble QR Code as temporary pass for visitors and couriers to access building facilities, e.g. entrances, turnstiles, lifts, washrooms, etc.

  • Support integration with ACX Access Control System, Turnstile and Lift Destination Control System for maximal automation

  • Customization tailored to end users' requirements

ACXHK_Scramble QR Code

Visitor Temporary Pass


  • Time and Operational Efficiency - Speeding up registration and verification processes to enhance daily operational efficiency and productivity, contrary to traditional manual check-in procedures

  • Cost Saving - Automation and streamlining of visitor registration effectively reduce the cost of processing each visitor, which can become significant in the long term

  • Improve Building Security - Scramble QR Code is time & frequency restrained. It changes in every second, making it impossible to copy and breach security

  • Visibility and Accountability - Comprehensive tracking of all access records and booking details. Information of each visitor is captured and recorded in detailed reports

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