Visitor Management System

What is VMS?

  • Automated visitor registration system

  • A web-based application which can be installed in CLOUD or at local server

  • Can be integrated with ACX’s access control reader & system, and Turnstile & Lift Destination Control System for maximal automation

Visitor Temporary Pass

ACX VMS Advantages

  • Time and Operation Efficiency - Speeding up registration and verification processes to enhance the daily operation efficiency and productivity via technology instead of traditional manual check in procedure.

  • Cost Saving - Automating and streamlining visitor registration means the cost of processing each visitor is reduced, and the cost can be saved significantly in long term.

  • Improve Building Security - Scramble QR codes are time & frequency -restrained which changes in every second, and it is impossible to copy and to breach security.

  • Visibility and Accountability - All access records and booking details are trackable. Information of each visitor is captured and recorded in detail reports.

Operation Flow 

Check-in Stages (Pre-registered visitor)

Check-in Stages (Walk-in visitor)

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