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Mobile Virtual Card

Virtual Card Application

  • Mobile application supports Bluetooth, QR Code and NFC technology

  • Scramble QR Code changes in every second and works offline

  • Access to doors, turnstiles, lifts, washrooms, car parks, mailboxes, lockers, and different facilities

  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable to reduce card production and waste

  • Totally contactless, a hygienic solution that minimizes the risk of COVID-19 transmission

  • Compatible with Android and iOS

  • Patents in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, USA, and Germany​​

ACXHK_Scramble QR Code

Virtual Card Web Platform

  • A web-based application which can be installed on internet or intranet

  • Admin can create, delete, expire, and reactivate the virtual card

  • Admin can easily view all cardholder profiles

  • A unique activation code will be sent to the user by email

  • Once the activation code is entered in the ACX Mobile Virtual Card application, the user can access with Bluetooth or Scramble QR Code

ACXHK_Virtual Card Web Platform


Convenient & Keyless Experience:

Smartphones nowadays is part of our lives, enabling us to conveniently accomplish various tasks. The need to carry wallets, physical cards, and cash has diminished significantly, just as we can enjoy a seamless access experience without the need for keys or cards. By leveraging their smartphones, individuals are able to access facilities and venues while having their identity verified with just a single device.

Operation Efficiency Enhancement:

The online web platform allows admins to manage the cardholders, which they can easily create, delete, reuse, and expire virtual cards of the users.  Assigning a virtual card to a user takes less than 30 seconds. Additionally, admins have the capability to collect virtual cards back from users in real time, enhancing operational flexibility and efficiency.


Contactless and Hygienic

Strict hygiene has become a practice due to Covid-19. By minimizing the risk of infection, contactless access has emerged as an effective solution in this regard. Compared to traditional Smart Cards, Keypads, and Fingerprint readers, accessing through smartphones offers a completely contactless experience. This ensures a safer and more hygienic access.


Environmental Protection

Mobile virtual cards offer a sustainable and eco-friendly approach. By reducing our reliance on physical cards, we will significantly lower waste production. We thus contribute to a greener and more sustainable future while maintaining efficiency and convenience in access control systems.

ACXHK_X1 Reader
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