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Mobile Virtual Card

Virtual Card Application

  • Mobile application supports Bluetooth, QR Code and NFC technology

  • Scramble QR code changes in every second and works offline

  • Can access doors, turnstile, lift, washroom, car park, mailbox, locker and different facilities

  • Environmental-friendly and sustainable to reduce card production and waste

  • Hygienic solution as totally contactless, minimize the risk of COVID-19

  • Android and iOS available

  • Applied patent in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, USA, Germany​​

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Virtual Card Web Platform

  • ACX Virtual Card Platform is a web-based application which can be installed on internet or intranet

  • Admin can create, delete, expire and reactivate the virtual card

  • Admin can easily view all cardholders' profiles

  • The unique activation code will be sent to user by email

  • Once entered the activation code in the ACX mobile virtual card application, user can access with Bluetooth or Scramble QR Code

VCP with laptop.png


Convenient & Keyless Experience:

Nowadays lots of tasks can be done through the smartphone, and nearly everyone carries smartphones anytime, anywhere. People do not have to bring along their wallet, card and cash as they can complete the payment via smartphone. In the same way, people can enjoy a keyless and cardless access experience now. They can access different facilities & venues and verify identity with JUST a smartphone.

Operation Efficiency Enhancement:

Easier for admin to manage the cardholders via an online web platform. Admin can simply create, delete, reuse and expire virtual card of the users. The whole process of assigning a virtual card to the user just takes less than 30 seconds. Admin can also collect back the user virtual card over-the-air in real time. This is obviously improved the operational flexibility and efficiency.


Contactless and Hygienic

Due to Covid-19, more people are concerning about the hygienic issue. To reduce the risk of infection, contactless access would be one of the effective solutions. Comparing to the traditional smart card / keypad / fingerprint access reader, using smartphone to access is totally contactless.


Environmental Protection

In fact, using traditional smart card will lead to an increase in waste (i.e. card) production and environmental damage. To operate in a sustainable and environment-friendly way, mobile virtual card will be the future trend.

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