Mobile Virtual Card

Mobile Virtual Card APP​

  • Mobile APP supports Bluetooth and QR Code technology at the same time

  • Works without network

  • Scramble QR code: Access QR code scrambles every 5 seconds to preventing others copying

  • Bluetooth: Three operation mode: Button, Shaking and Hands-free

  • Can access doors, turnstile, lift, washroom, car park, mailbox, locker, and different facilities, etc.

  • Environmental friendly and sustainable as reduce card production and waste

  • Hygienic solution as totally contactless

  • Android and iOS available​​

Virtual Card Platform

  • ACX Virtual Card Platform is a web based application which can be installed on internet or intranet.

  • Admin can create, delete, expire and re-use the virtual card.

  • The unique activation code will be sent to user by email.

  • Once entered the activation code in the ACX mobile virtual card APP, user can access with Bluetooth or Scramble QR Code.

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