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Matrix Research Limited, operating under the brand name ACX, is a trusted provider of Access Control and Smart Building solutions with IoT applications for corporations. Since 2003, ACX has been designing and innovating highly secure Access Control Systems with cutting-edge technology.

Renowned for its leadership in Mobile Virtual Card technology and multi-factor authentication, ACX specializes in integrating seamlessly various authentication methods into a SINGLE device. Unlike two-factor authentication (2FA), this consolidated Multi-factor Authentication solution empowers users with unparalleled efficiency and convenience. Our authentication methods include Bluetooth, Scramble QR Code, Palm Vein, Fingerprint, Facial Recognition, RFID Card Access, NFC, and Octopus card. Many of the ACX solutions are patented worldwide, including Germany, USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. In addition, ACX delivers valuable Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) services and customization options to cater to the unique needs of its customers.

With the advancement of IoT technology and the emergence of the metaverse, ACX products and systems are essential to your secure access control, enabling easy identification and verification while ensuring the utmost security. The clientele of ACX includes property developers (grade A commercial and residential buildings), government entities, casinos, safe deposit boxes providers, financial institutions, schools, and hospitals. ACX authentic partners are comprised of reputable technology providers such as NXP, Milestone, LEGIC, Fujitsu, BoonEdam, Sensetime, and Octopus.

Humans are the center of ACX’s focus. We keep on inspiring and innovating in Access Control and Smart Building Solutions while providing a wide array of choices to meet people's needs. This principle has helped ACX establish its presence in Hong Kong and will allow the company to expand its operations into APEC in the next 10 years.


About ACX

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