• Easily checking mailbox status via email, app and SMS

  • Residents will be notified when letter received in real time

  • Mailbox access reader supports RFID Card, Bluetooth, Scramble QR Code, Facial Recognition, Palm Vein, Keypad, Octopus

  • Lock built-in with 3 sensors for tamper monitoring and mail notification

  • Also the lock set shall be capable for extension of 2 sets of external sensors for tamper monitoring purpose / sensor extension in future

  • Support emergency opening design, if the e-lock of mail box is not functioning properly, user can remove the tamper label on the mailbox door and open the e-lock with a small screwdriver manually.

2328 Mailbox Lock

  • Operating Voltage: 12VDC

  • Operating Current: 100mA for Normal mode, 1.5A for open E-Lock

  • Dimension: 89mm x 76mm x 24mm

  • E-Lock: Normal Open, Failure Secured.

  • Weight: 200g

  • Connector: 6 PIN connector Power, Ground, E-Lock, Letter Sensor,  Door Sensor and firmware upgrade. 2 x 3 PIN connectors for external sensor.


Smart Mailbox System