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2051 UHF Wiegand Convertor

  • Power input: 9-12VDC, 1.5A, includes UHF reader power

  • Size: 86mm x 54mm x 13mm

  • Weight: < 60gm

  • Compatible with ACX U1 UHF reader

  • Active control by loop detector N/O, N/C and hold line (voltage) changes

  • On board testing jumper for loop detector N/C or N/O output, hold line input (Active at 5VDC)

  • 1 x dry contact for access granted output, N/O, N/C selectable

  • 1 x dry contact for access denied output, N/O, N/C selectable, user-defined ON/OFF time interval

  • RS485 communication to UHF reader, cable length max. 1200 meters

  • F2051 convertor configuration can be configured by software

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