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 V  Series

ACXHK_V1 Reader


  • The 1st & only company in HK integrating Octopus Technology into QR code reader

  • Multi-Tech Access Reader

  • Support Octopus, Scramble QR Code, and Bluetooth

  • Work with ACX Mobile Virtual Card app

  • QR code changes every second

  • Flush Mount Design with 6mm Slim Body

  • Holder of the Octopus Holding Limited Type Approval Certificate

  • Wiegand, OSDP, and ACX scramble encryption output

  • Dimensions: 196mm x 94mm x 55mm

  • 6mm thickness on wall

ACXHK_V1 Reader Flush Mount

Entrance / Room Door Access

ACXHK_V1 Reader Flush Mount

Mailbox Access

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