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OGCIO x Robocore Exhibition

Updated: 2 days ago

Jimmy Fung, CEO of ACX, speaking at the exhibition of “OGCIO x Robocore”
Jimmy Fung, CEO of ACX, speaking at the exhibition of “OGCIO x Robocore”

We are glad to be invited as one of the presenters and showcased ACX smart building products and solutions to governments officials and industry experts at the exhibition of “OGCIO x Robocore” at the Hong Kong Science Park on today (17th February 2023).

ACX showcased its all-in-one multi-technology readers, disruptive technologies such as the patented Scramble QR Code, the 1st to innovate Palm Vein technology, the 1st to develop contactless Facial Recognition technology as well as the the ONLY company who integrated Octopus Card technology into ACX multi-technology readers, and more.

The exhibition was impressed and inspired. It covered a wide range of high-tech topics, including Metaverse, Healthcare and Robotics, Plastic Waste Recycling Stealing with interior design and architecture, AI Chatbots and ChatGPT, Digitalization, Voice Transcription, Educational Technology, Commercial Robots, Smart Building Products and Solutions, Robotic solutions for hospital and hospital elderly, F & B Automation and Technical Solution for Recruiting IT Experts.

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