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Mobile Patrol System

Mobile Patrol System represents a revolutionary shift from traditional patrol systems. It adopts the latest technology trend by eliminating any data collection unit and on-site datacenter. ACX Patrol System operates on a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) architecture, which means all data is stored and communicated securely on a cloud server. Administrators can perform their daily tasks like modifying settings and viewing records by simply opening a web browser.

The only requirement for security guards is an Android phone equipped with NFC function. They can take their attendance by swiping their Android phones against the NFC-tagged checkpoints. They can also upload all kinds of media like photos, audio, and video recordings to the server. Administrators are able to track real-time feedback from security guards and take immediate actions.

All communication data is encrypted using random scramble encryption. This security measure ensures that records remain inaccessible and the system is safeguarded.

ACXHK_Mobile Patrol System
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