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Product I Solution

Mobile Patrol System

Mobile Patrol System adopts the new technology trend and revolutionizes the traditional patrol systems. No data collection unit is required and no extra datacenter is required on site. ACX Patrol System is a PaaS architecture. All data is maintained and communicated with the cloud server. Administrators can do daily work like modifying settings and visiting records by just opening web browsers.

All guards need is an Android phone with NFC communication function. Security guard takes attendance by swiping the Android phone to the checkpoint which is made by NFC tags. Security guard can also upload all
kinds of media like photos, voice and videos to the server. Administrator can real-time track the feedback from the guards and take actions immediately.

All data in communication is random scramble encrypted, which ensures that no one can crack the records and
damage the system.

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Highlights & Operation Flow

  • Checkpoints by NFC tags

  • Guards take attendance by Android phones with NFC communication

  • Real time records uploading, generating and checking

  • No separate datacenter required on site, server and data are all on cloud

  • Comprehensive feedback available include records, incidents, SOS, voice, photos and videos

  • Comprehensive reports include the time that each checkpoint was visited, checkpoints missed, the name of the guard and any incidents

  • Infinite number of routes and checkpoints

  • Support fixed and flexible routes

  • Flexible route shift setting with special and effective dates functions

  • Support all kinds of operating systems with popular Internet Browsers like Chrome, I.E., Firefox

  • Random Scramble encryption for all data communication

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Admin Web Platform

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Patrol Android APP  (for security guard)

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