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ACX stands for Access Control Expert. We are the professional & experienced supplier of the entire access control system and smart building with IoT applications to corporations around the globe. ACX products and services help users to access different doors, venues and facilities securely. Through ACX’s technology, various things can be easily identified and verified.


Our company vision is Design & Innovation, design a world-class access control system that is highly secured with innovative design and cutting-edge technology, gradually becoming the market leader. We continue delivering the most advanced and disruptive solutions to the market, delivering trusted products to our customers, enhancing the entire end user experience. ​


Matrix is the authentic supplier of Access Control and Smart Building with IoT applications to corporations around the globe. From its inception in 2003, ACX was created with one ambition which is to design a world-class access control system that is highly secured with innovative design and cutting-edge technology. ACX has been leading in Mobile Credential and Multi-factor Authentication by me­ans of Bluetooth, Scrambled QR code, Palm Vein, Fingerprint, Facial Recognition, RFID Card Access, NFC and Octopus Card. ACX is the brand of Matrix Research Limited.

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The World 1st Scrambled QR code + Bluetooth

  • Time and frequency restrained

  • Changes in every second

  • Applied global patent


Mobile Virtual Card APP & Virtual Card Web Platform

  • Issue Virtual Credential via web

  • Advanced symmetric encryption

  • Mobile ID in form of Bluetooth & Scrambled QR code

  • Operate under Android or iOS 

Advanced Visitor Management System

  • Online pre-registration for visitor

  • Visitor using QR code as temporary pass to access

  • Integrating with access control & turnstile & lift system



ACX Scramble QR Code, changing in every second, is able to operate offline and works with ACX Access Reader and System. Matrix Research Limited (brand: ACX) hold patents on this novel technology in USA, Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, including

* Scramble QR code - Mobile Virtual Card
* Scramble Encryption in Data Communication
* Non-transferrable Scramble QR Code - Mobile Virtual Card

We regard our patents and other intellectual property rights as important management resources, which we draw on in the most effective ways possible to ensure our products and services meeting customer needs.

We reserve the right to take necessary legal action against any parties to protect our rights and resources.

ACX Patent Reference


Contactless Smartcard

Contactless Smartcard

Video Management

Palm Vein

Octopus Card

Turnstile & Lift Destination

Computer Vision



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