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Matrix Research Limited (ACXHK)


Disruptive Innovation in Access Control & Smart Building Solutions

Matrix Research Limited (ACXHK)

Matrix Research Limited, renowned as ACX, stands as a distinguished supplier of comprehensive Access Control Systems and Smart Building Solutions with IoT applications to corporations worldwide. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we bring forth our profound expertise and extensive experience to create cutting-edge products and services that empower secure access to doors, venues, and facilities. Through the integration of advanced technology, ACX revolutionizes the identification and verification processes, ensuring streamlined operations and fortified security measures for our clientele.


Our commitment to Design & Innovation for humans is our purpose. We design secure world-class Access Control Systems that excel in both innovation and technology, gradually positioning ourselves as the market leader. Our continuous pursuit of excellence drives us to deliver the most advanced and disruptive solutions to the market, providing trusted products to our customers and enhancing the entire end-user experience. 


We customize one-stop smart building products and solutions to our clients. By assembling all ACX products and solutions in one go, we reduce significantly the cost of manpower, provide real-time tracking records for efficient staff management, help address urgent situations as well as reserve actionable data on equipment, people, and processes. 

Headquartered strategically at the Hong Kong Science Park (HKSTP), which is the largest R&D core base in Hong Kong, ACX also has offices, production facilities, and R&D centers in Taiwan and China, laying the foundation for future overseas expansion.

We create smarter building products and solutions for individuals, shaping better, smarter communities in Hong Kong and the rest of the world.

ACXHK_Scramble QR Code
ACXHK_X1 Reader
ACXHK_X1 Reader


ACX takes pride in pioneering the innovative Scramble QR Code. With the code changing dynamically every second and being non-transferable, we have revolutionized virtual credentials. As the world’s first company to introduce this major innovation, we are also able to integrate it into our tiny Multi-technology Reader for access control. ACX holds the patents on this novel technology in several key regions, including USA, Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. The patents below serve as a testament to our commitment to providing our clients with cutting-edge solutions:

* Scramble QR Code - Mobile Virtual Card
* Scramble Encryption in Data Communication
* Non-transferrable Scramble QR Code - Mobile Virtual Card



Contactless Smart Card


Contactless Smart Card


Computer Vision


Video Management


Palm Vein


A.I. Visitor Management

ACXHK_Boon Edam

Turnstile & Lift Destination


Octopus Card


Matrix Research Limited

Unit 711 and 715, 5W Enterprise Place,

Hong Kong Science Park,

Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong.

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