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2023 ACX Product & Solution Introduction
ACX Company Video

Smart Building Solution
ACX Self-Service Kiosk Visitor Management System

ACX Multi-Technology Readers

ACX Smart Mailbox System

ACX K6 Vaccine Pass QR Code Reader Door Access Demonstration

HKSTP Q1 Access Reader (Smart Card + Mobile Scramble QR Code + Facial)

HKSTP X2 Access Reader (Smart Card + Mobile Scramble QR Code + Keypad)

HKSTP Co-Working Space (Bluetooth+Scramble QR Code+Facial)

HKSTP Turnstile & Lift Control (Facial+Scramble QR Code+Card)

ACX Visitor Management System (Printed Label & Mobile Access With Scramble QR Code)

ACX 4 In 1 Turnstile Reader Demo

Mobile Display For Lift Destination

ACX Smart Mailbox System With Mobile App

ACX High Security Override Key Switch

ACX x Asiabots A.I. Visitor Management System

User Guide

[ACX User Guide] Individual E-Lock Release

Adding Mobile Virtual Card In ACX System And Using Scramble QR Code To Access

Palm Vein Reader

Palm Vein Reader Introduction

Palm Vein Access Control In Building

Palm Vein Reader Speed Test

Palm Vein Reader Under Turnstile Glass

Palm Vein Reader In Dark Room

Palm Vein Reader Enroll Template On Smart Card

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