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 Turnstile & Lift Destination Control System

ACXHK_Turnstile Reader

Turnstile Reader provides an open platform for 3rd party integration of Lift Destination Control and ACX Visitor Management System. It supports human biometric technologies, including Facial and Palm Vein Recognition, Mobile Scramble QR Code, Contactless Smart Card 125KHz 13.56MHz RF, and NFC technology. Upon detecting the user's identity, the LCD screen will instantly display the lift ID and user's access status.

Lift Destination Control

The ACX-8906 & 8907 panel serves as a multi-purpose device that provides an interface between field level input, output devices, and ACX Lift application server.

It is designed primarily for the use of those applications that require a connection between input device activity and outputs. Additionally, it is well-suited for monitoring input connections in various situations.. 

Our recent collaborations include Otis, Schindler, and Mitsubishi on the development of an advanced and state-of-the-art elevator control system. 

ACXHK_Lift Destination Control
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