Scramble QR Code

  • ​QR code changes in every second and works offline

  • Works with  ACX Access Control System and Reader

  • A trusted platform and secured identity

  • Capable of integrating with 3rd party system and APP

  • Use for accessing doors, turnstile, lift, washroom, car park, mailbox, locker, and different facilities, etc.

  • No competitor can copy this technology as we already applied patent successfully

HK Patent.png

Palm Vein Recognition

  • Biometric authentication technology based on palm vein pattern recognition

  • High level of accuracy, is easy to implement and uses

  • Non-intrusive and contactless reader

  • Extremely hygienic as no contact to the skin is required

  • As veins are internal and have a wealth of differentiating features, attempts to forge an identity are extremely difficult, thereby enabling a high level of security

  • Partnering with Fujitsu

X3_palm vein.jpg

Facial Recognition

  • Using thermal infrared (IR) camera

  • Authenticates by recognizing people's faces

  • Identifying or verifying a person securely and quickly

  • Easily identify a real person's face or a photo

  • Partnering with Sensetime & Face++


Octopus Card Integration

  • Multi-technologies reader embedded Octopus, Bluetooth, Scramble QR code

  • Octopus reader has become one of the most widely adopted and cost-effective ways to enhance user convenience in Hong Kong

  • Breakthrough of the technology bottom neck - interference between Multi-Tech in single reader

  • Octopus technology have not only used in mono-tech reader, but also have already been successfully implied to multi-tech reader

  • An important step in making everyday life easier in Hong Kong’s building access services