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Product I Solution

Shuttle Bus System

  • Separate to two parts in this system, i.e. Backend web portal for back office and Shuttle Bus APP for drivers

  • Simple set up, i.e. only an Android smartphone with NFC function. Any card that supports NFC can be read in the driver’s phone

  • Driver can easily check whether the passenger has valid access right and the number of remaining seat via the APP

  • Shuttle Bus APP will send record to server instantly. Back office can track two types of records in the web portal.

    • Passenger record: which staff takes on which bus at what time & date

    • Driver record: which driver drives which bus & route at what time & date

  • Back office can review the time & attendance record of the driver

Admin Web Platform 

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Operation Flow

Step 1 : Register for the mobile device and active device in backend web portal.

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Step 2 : Driver pressing “Update” button to download information from the server to mobile device.

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Step 3 : Before driving, the driver must select his name, route, and car plate number & capacity of the bus from the drop down list.

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Step 4 : When a staff / cardholder swipes his card on this mobile, the icon of access granted or denied will be shown to
notify the driver whether this passenger is a valid staff.

Step 5 : Once the driver arrives at the terminal and ends driving, he must press “Stop” button. Record will be uploaded
to server.

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