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Covid-19 Access Control

turnstile with thermal(words).png

In order to minimize the risk of Covid-19 infections, ACX invented thermal and facial recognition devices, which enable automatic temperature screening, face mask detection and facial recognition technology. The devices work well with 3rd party integration of turnstile, lift control and ACX visitor management system. There will be light and alarm alert to warn subject of non-compliance, which ensures the high level of security.

Thermal Screening and Face Mask Detection

Developed 2088 and 2089 Thermal Camera to minimize the risk of Covid-19

  • Embedding camera to turnstile to check body temperature & mask on, and allow facial access

  • Comparing with the existing bulky camera in the market, ours is designed with a tiny & streamline enclosure

2088 image_2022-09-21.png

2098 Thermal and Facial Recognition Detector

2098 Thermal and Facial Recognition detector recognizes 10,000 users in only 1 second in order to verify users' identities

  • Rear facial camera installed underneath the turnstile glass cover to solve the lighting problem

  • Camera scan range covers people tall from 1.2M to 1.9M who stand in front of the turnstile

2098 image_2.png

K6 Vaccine Pass reader

ACX K6 Vaccine Pass QR Code reader can be programmed to identify the number of valid vaccine passes

  • Can be configured by the ACX "eVP setup" app

  • Parameters will be in a per second scramble QR code secure format

k6 Vaccine Pass reader.jpg
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