ACX Integrated System Platform
  • Windows 7 or higher, MS SQL 2008 R2 or higher

  • Client Server Application

  • High security scramble data encryption during data exchange ACX panels to PC software

  • Multi-threading programming, high speed response

  • Multi-language, user can change the screen caption on-line

  • Login user access rights controlled by application, department and device

System Components

Access Control System

Maintenance for access controllers, readers and time zones setting

Visitor Management System

Automated visitor registration system and track visitor record

Smart Mailbox System

Real time checking mailbox status

Surveillance System Integration

Manage all surveillance video sources in one system

Lift Control System

Settings for lift controllers

Facility Booking System

Booking facility and venue via online portal and review all booking 

Locker System

Locker rental services

Time and Attendance

Use for scheduling the staff and taking attendance

Electronic Map

Real time display the door and sensor status and video monitoring

Mobile Patrol System

For security guard to maintain daily operation

Shuttle Bus System

Showing route for driver and track passenger record

ACX Virtual Card Platform

​ACX Virtual Card Platform is a web based application which can be installed on internet or intranet, administrator no matter can create , delete, expire the virtual card, but also re-use the virtual card once the virtual card is de-activated successfully.


The unique activation code will be sent to use r by email, after user input the activation code in the ACX mobile acce ss APPS, the user’s mobile becomes a virtual card, the APPS can output the card numbe r by of Bluetooth and/or scramble QR code technology.

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