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Matrix Research Limited (product brand as ACX) is the authentic supplier of Access Control and Smart Building with IoT applications to corporations. Founded in 2003, ACX designs and innovates Access Control Systems which are highly secured with cutting-edge technology. It is the leader in Mobile Virtual Card technology and Multi-factor Authentication by me­ans of Bluetooth, Scramble QR code, Palm Vein, Fingerprint, Facial Recognition, RFID Card Access, NFC and Flush Mount Octopus Card with QR Code. Most of the ACX technologies are patented worldwide such as in Germany, USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. ACX provides valuable Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) services and Customization to our customers upon request. 


With the advanced development in IoT technology and the evolution of metaverse in the recent tech-world, people are using ACX products and services for all kinds of access control, things can be easily identified and verified with the highest security. Our main customers include property developers, government units, Grade A commercial & residential buildings, casinos, safe deposit box, financial institutions, schools and colleges as well as hospitals. Our authentic technology partners include NXP, Milestone, LEGIC, Fujitsu, BoonEdam, Sensetime, Face++ and Octopus. 


In the coming 10 years plan, ACX will set its base in Hong Kong, then expand to China. We will inspire and innovate access control and smart building solutions, being human-centric and aiming at providing more choices to people. 


About ACX

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