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Matrix Research Limited (MRL) is dedicated to offer design and innovation to the secure identity and smart technologies industry. Presently, the company is the authentic technology partner of NXP, LEGIC and Fujitsu. The latest contribution is the unique Cloud Based Virtual Credential Issuance Platform. Users can now receive virtual credential via ACX mobile app at Android or IOS devices, and enable secure identity in mobile phones.

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In terms of mobile ID being applied in physical security, MRL has unprecedentedly invented the scrambled QR code which changes in every second. Copy of the code to bleach security is impossible.

The mobile ID can also be implemented by means of secure Bluetooth transmission, uniquely engineered by MRL with use of advanced symmetric encryption, combine with self-defined secured element (SE) set by the user.

IoT Access Tracking solution is available as well. Users can trace access of a person to various access points in a high secure premises. One of the variations of this IoT solution is MRL’s Intelligent Visit Management System which allows users to book appointment via mobile phone and receive temporary mobile access ID being recognized by turnstile and lift in intelligent buildings.

MRL focuses on creating customer value and render technology choice for a variety of markets that include physical access control; logical access control and biometrics solution in palm vein, fingerprint and facial recognition. To provide operation convenience and cost effective applications, MRL offers K3, integrated reader which can recognize mobile ID, scramble QR code, palm vein and conventional RFID card access.

MRL also provides valuable ODM services to our customers upon request.

ACX is the product brand of Matrix Research Limited

Mission and Values

Recognized for robust quality, innovative designs and industry leadership, Matrix Research is focused on creating customer value and is the supplier of choice for a variety of markets that include physical access control; logical access control and credential product and service.

Jimmy Fung

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